Monday, July 16, 2018

How to Undo Send in Yahoo Mail | Steps to Undsend a email on

Emailing is one of the pinnacles of human existence and has been around for quite a long time now. There have been many websites out there which offer you the services of emailing free of cost in the past 2 decades. Some of the websites which we know of are Yahoo, Gmail well as Rediff. All of these websites are always competing with each other to be the best service available to the people but the one which always has the edge over others is Google’s Gmail.

To make sure that websites have a fighting chance in the industry of emailing, websites like try to ensure that the features of their sites are either same or better in some way or the other. In my personal opinion, almost every website out there has got the same features but the presentation and ecosystem are what decides the user base for.

We all have found ourselves in situations in our day to day lives where we had accidentally sent a wrong email and wished if only there was an option to send messages like the popular social media websites. This is where the unsend or Undo send feature comes in handy and helps out people who are looking forward to saving themselves from the unnecessary hassles of explaining why the receiver got uncalled for email. It is always necessary that you double-check to whom you’re sending your emails in order to stay safe and secure online with emailing service.

About Yahoo Mail

Yahoo is one of the oldest emailing websites which has evolved over the years into one of the most amazing services to ever grace the world wide web. The amazing interface is what highlights the website and makes sure that you get the best in the game. 

Over the years there have been changes in the system of mailing and Yahoo has remained prominent through all of them. Yahoo! Mail and that we know is something that is full of advertisements right now because that is how they earn all of their revenue. 

Yahoo was launched in the year 1997 and saw a partnership occur with the rocketmail parent company Four11 which was later acquired by Yahoo! This saw the release of Yahoo’s very own free to use email website which garnered lots of users from all around the world. The 2017 User interface overhaul has also garnered tons of attraction. 

How to Undo Send in Yahoo

If you would have asked this question a few years ago, you surely would have found no solution to it but today features have been put in place to make sure you don’t have to worry about sending a wrong email. Here is how you can actually unsend gmail once they have been successfully sent - 
  1. Go to the settings option of your yahoo account. 
  2. General settings - enable undo send 
  3. Now simply send an email to anyone you like. 
  4. You can also set this up on hotmail login uk
  5. You’ll find an undo button with the successfully sent message. 
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